About game

Earth, air, water and space!

“Protect your own – conquer someone else’s!” Choose any military equipment and fight on one global map!

Armor MMO game is a global battle on huge maps, using ground, air, water and even underwater equipment in real time – at the same time!

Players have to fight in battles, in the style of team to team. In each of them can be present a variety of types of military vehicles. The task is simple – to win. During the gameplay, the player’s rank increases, the car improves, new models appear. All this becomes available to players with a high rank, the higher it is, the more cars you can use.

After registering and launching the Armor MMO, the player enters the pavilion.

The first thing that catches your eye is a huge variety of military equipment.

The game contains:

  • AF – fighters, helicopters, bombers, attack aircraft;
  • AFV – armored personnel carriers, tanks, howitzers, self-propelled guns;
  • NAVY – aircraft carriers, destroyers, landing ships, submarines, frigates and corvettes.
  • MSF Military Space Forces: – Combat shuttles with nuclear and laser weapons.Docking, loading shuttle weapons and on the International Space Station (ISS).

All military equipment is worked out in detail and can be improved with various additional modules. The development of the game is based on a system of “ranks”.

There are 10 of them – from the ordinary to the general, as well as 3 bonus ones – the General of the Navy, the Army General, and the Air Force General.

Having opened all the ranks, the player will gain access to the highest 14th rank. With each new title, new cars will open, and with each new purchase of equipment – new cards, of which more than 250!

In Armor MMO, there are two currencies in circulation: diamonds and armor-mani. Diamonds are used to purchase and improve equipment, and Armor-mani is a donate currency. Armed with it, you can immediately participate in session fights with other players. On huge battlefields in deadly battles, two teams will come together, consisting of ground equipment, aircraft and the fleet at the same time.