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Place of origin Russian Federation
Service history
In service 2014
Used by Russian Armed Forces, Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Production history
Designer KamAZ
Designed 2010
Manufacturer KamAZ
Produced 2014
No. built 320
Variants Kamaz-63969
Mass 21 t
Length 18.99 m
Width 2.45m
Height 3.32m
Crew 2+16
Engine ЯМЗ-5367 I6
450 HP
Transmission YaMZ 8 gears automatic
Suspension 6×6 wheeled
Ground clearance 185 to 575 mm
Operational range 1,200 km (750 mi)
Maximum speed 105 km/h (65 mph)

Kamaz Typhoon (Russian: Камаз-63968 Тайфун) is a family of Russian multi-functional, modular, armoured MRAP vehicles manufactured by the Russian truck builder Kamaz. The Typhoon family is part of Russia's Typhoon program. As of early 2021, the number of Typhoons in the Russian Armed Forces fleet is more than 320 units of Typhoon-K.

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The development of the "Typhoon" vehicle family began in 2010, when Minister of Russian Federation Armed Forces approved the "Development of Russian Federation Armed Forces military vehicles for the period until 2020" program and started the Typhoon MRAP program. In 2012 the first contract between Russian Ministry of Armed Forces and Kamaz to buy Typhoons was signed.

12 Typhoons took part in Russian Victory Day military parade in 2014. State tests were completed in 2019.


Reservations made in accordance with NATO classification STANAG 4569 of level 3b, in which the vehicle can withstand undermining by high-explosive devices weighing 8 kg of TNT under any car seat, as the Russian machine of this kind are made public for the first time and generally accepted standards for the classification of explosions absent. Bulletproof protection corresponds to the fourth level. Combined set of ceramics and steel armor, which protects against armor-piercing bullets of caliber 14,5 × 114 mm.

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