IAR-317 Airfox helicopter

IAR-317 Airfox Helicopter

IAR-317 Airfox Helicopter

Encyclopedia AF
Type Attack helicopter
Place of origin Romania
In service 1984
Used by Romania
General information
Manufacturer IAR
Model IAR-317 Airfox
Modification IAR-317
Technical Parameters
Length 12.64 m
Height 2.99 m
Empty weight 1150 kg
MTOW 2200 kg
Engine 1 Turbomeca Artouste IIB
Power 1 x 640 HP
Maximum speed 220 km/h
Cruising speed 190 km/h
Rate of climb 270 m/min
Practical range 810 km
Service ceiling 3200 m
Hovering ceiling 1520 m
Crew 2

The IAR 317 Airfox was an attempt by IAR to make an attack helicopter out of the IAR 316. Equipped with the same license-produced Turbomeca Artouste IIIB turboshaft, the IAR 317 featured a stepped two-seat armored cockpit for the pilot and the gunner.

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The tail boom and rear fuselage was almost identical to the 316. Stub wings mounted on either side of the airframe allowed for the carriage of weapons, including rocket pods, machine guns, and anti-tank missiles. Only one prototype was built. It participated in the 1985 Paris Air Show.

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