Privacy Policy

Last Edited: June 1, 2019

Armor MMO. Limited’s Terms of Use

Armor MMO. Limited is located at Brasil, provides this website and is the controller of your personal data.

You may contact our data protection officer at [email protected].

We at Armor MMO Limited work hard towards provision of the best quality services for your enjoyment of the game. We understand how important your Personal information and our privacy policy explains what information Armor MMO collects and store when you sign up and log in the game as well as the ways when we might use or share your Personal information. In this Policy we also outline how we protect your personal information. Other service providers and websites, including those we may link, may have their own privacy policies. If you have any quarries about how other websites, services or games use your Personal Information, you should review their privacy policies. This policy applies to all of Armor MMO. Limited’s services, including the game itself and the website –

By using or accessing the game, you are consenting to this Privacy Policy. Please read this Policy to make sure you understand it. You should also read the Terms of Use and the End-User License Agreement carefully, and make sure you understand and agree to them before using the game. You may not consent to this Policy entirely or partially, however in this case you will not be allowed to use the game.


We may collect and store your Personal information (information that allows us to identify you as an individual) and Account information (information that is created when you create an account in the game). Examples of Personal information that we may collect are your name, date of birth, telephone number, email, IP address, geographic location information, device information, social media account, transactional data around virtual currency purchases and in-game purchases, advertising referral information from our partners, etc. Examples of Account information we collect are your nickname, account number, account history, operating system of your PC, information (written, voiced) you post in the game’s forums, chats.


The reason for collecting and storing the information is the provision and improvement of our services. We may also use your information for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with an assistance if you need to contact our support team;
  2. To contact you regarding your account and your transactions with us;
  3. To understand that our website works well and is useful for you;
  4. To send you emails regarding the updates and news;
  5. To protect our game from illicit activities.

You agree that the Armor MMO’s administration has the right to send to your e-mail, which was provided by you when your account was created, the message concerning any questions in connection with the game, which includes, without any restrictions, the updates, extensions or the sequels of the game.
For us to provide you with program insertions and updates to the Software, you agree that we can upload the necessary information from your PC and computing units, as well as to download the program insertions and updates to your PC and computing units.
In case you need the technical support of the Armor MMO administration, we need to explore your PC and computing unit content in order to help you, so you agree to provide such access to your PC and computing unit. You understand that administration is entitled to make the game updates, extensions and sequels in any time and to take obligations to provide to you such releases. You are not entitled to receive the following Game releases without having paid for it.

Armor MMO makes it possible to transmit the data between the equal-right hosts of the users to update the Software of the gamers using the definite proprietary data exchange protocols. You admit that when on your PC the Software is running, data transmitting system can:

  1. Use your CPU, communication channel and the frequency range with the means of linking and data exchange between the players.
  2. Transmit the definite information about your PC exclusively to such an extent it is necessary to make connections to the other PCs for the Software to be updated. You agree for such connection to be installed between equal-right hosts.

The administration may update the Game remotely without any restrictions. The client installed on the user’s PC exists without notice and agreeing of the user, so by knowing this you agree that such patches, updates and modifications may be equipped and used.

You agree that Armor MMO administration or its authorized persons can collect your private data in connection with your using of the product and the administration services, including the Game. Additionally, the part of your personal data provided by you towards the administration (or its authorized persons), can be stored outside the country of your domicile.

Our legal grounds for collecting and processing the personal information described above will depend on the information being collected, but will always be one of the following points:

  1. To provide the services under the Terms of Use,
  2. If the processing is in our legitimate interest and not overridden by your rights,
  3. If you consent to do so,
  4. If we have a legal obligation.


We may need to share your information. Below are the circumstances when the information can be shared.

We share your information with our partners (marketing partners, developers, support, analytics, etc) to help us provide services on the highest possible level as well as make necessary improvements to the Game.

We share your payment-related information with our payment service provider – Xsolla (USA) Inc., through which all payments in the Game are made. This partner helps us process transactions.

If you share information through the special features such as forums, chats, you should understand that all information you publish is public and not private. We, Armor MMO, reserve the right to monitor and control them for the purposes of enforcing the Terms of Use and the Rules of Conduct. Please be kind to other players, observe our Rules of Conduct (including our Terms of Use), and always be careful what you share your information in chat, forum.

If we are subject to reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or any other disposal of all or part of the assets of the company, we may disclose all players’ information.

Please note that you nickname, game history (including messages in forums, chats, game statistics, etc) are considered to be public information. This information is sharable and we cannot control the use of it by other players.

By consenting to this Policy, Armor MMO reserves the right – without any compensations and without mentioning you – to publish and to demonstrate the titles of your nicknames and the descriptions of your actions in the Armor MMO game. Publications and demos may appear on the official website and information boards, in the advertising and information campaigns by any reasons, including the cases, when your access to the Armor MMO game was temporarily terminated or blocked resulting from the violation of this Agreement, as well as rules of service providing or rules of conduct and decorum. Your e-mail, telephone number and birthday date still remain confidential, Armor MMO undertakes not to lend it to the third parties.

We may share your information with law enforcement and government agencies in the circumstances when it is required by law o for the purposes to defend our legal rights.


We, Armor MMO, work towards the provision of the best possible quality services and best gaming experience, however our Policy does not apply to any entities that is not owned by us.

Our website may contain third party links. If you have been redirected to any of the third parties’ websites, any information you provide them with is subject to these third parties’ own privacy policies. So, please, be sure to read their Policies first before provision them with your personal information.

Also remember to contact directly third parties should you require any assistance towards their Privacy Policies.


We protect your private information through a combination of technical and organizational security measures appropriate to the nature of the information being collected. Your information is processed only by our trained employees who are aware of this Policy and abide by our procedures and protocols.

We keep your personal information only for as long as we your account is active. We respect any requests to stop using your personal information, however in this case we will have to delete your account.

We keep your personal information in a secure environment and developed special protocols and procedures that help us to keep your personal information undisclosed. We regularly review these protocols and add new methods for protection your personal information.

We also ask you to take certain steps to help us protect your personal information such as being careful of the information you post in forums, chats, which are considered to be public. Below are the steps that may help you to protect your personal information.

  1. Do not use your real name as your nickname in the game. Your nickname is public and each player has free access to it. Your nickname can be available for the general public on the internet. We also may use your nickname on our website and other promotional activities.
  2. Do not send you real name, telephone number, email, etc. through the services we provide to public places such as chats, forums. We store all the information you post but do not collect and protect such information. When you communicate in the Game, even privately, we process and store those communications on our servers. We have the ability to monitor, and you consent to the monitoring of the communications that you send and receive. Many types of communications are also publicly available. We have no control over the actions of third parties with the content of communications. You agree that we have no responsibility, liability, or obligation to you regarding third parties’ use. Communications are exempt from the application of this Privacy Policy.
  3. To the extent that you are able to and do create a public profile that may be available to others, you are solely responsible for its content and accuracy at all times.


  1. You have the right to view all the data that we store on you. Please contact our support team – [email protected].
  2. You have the right to request us to delete your Personal Information that we store on our servers. Please contact our support team – [email protected]. Please note that once you ask to delete your personal information, we also delete your account, that is not subject to recovery anymore.
  3. If you are not satisfied with our processing of your personal information, you are entitled to make a complaint to the relevant supervisory authority. You also have the right to take legal actions in relation to any breach of your rights regarding the processing of your Personal Data.


Our game has the age limit. Our game, including the website, are designed for children over 14 years old. If you are under 14 years old, you must not use the website and the game and provide any personal information unless your parent or guardian has provided express consent and accepted this Privacy Policy along with the End-User License Agreement and the Terms of Use. Please see our Terms of Use and End-User License Agreement for additional information.


We may make changes to this policy over time to keep you better informed about how we handle player information. When we do make changes, we update the “Last Edited” date at the top of this document. We will notify you should we decide to change the Policy significantly.